Welcome to the Global Issues Gateway website. The newly revamped site features a peer-reviewed academic online journal, streaming video archives of U.N. and other global events at FDU, and a Global Virtual Classroom, that allows two classrooms to interact in a virtual online space. This is a beta launch of the site and more features will be added in time. We hope you enjoy our resources.

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  Exploring Globalization   Global Events   Global Virtual Classroom  
  Exploring Globalization is a peer-reviewed online journal published by the Office of Global Learning at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The journal features articles, essays, interviews, and book reviews on globalization. It also includes a special section on the pedagogy of teaching globalization.   Global Events on GIG features an archive of streaming multimedia of various global events held at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Access the resources, search for videos and browse through our archive of more than 80 videos on various global topics including U.N. events. Use the resources absolutely free.   Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) provides essential tools to connect an FDU classroom & a classroom located anywhere in the world. It expands FDU’s Global Virtual Faculty (GVF) program, allowing for class-to-class & student-to-student engagement. It is a flagship project from the Office of Global Learning.